Stumped – My Number-Matching Addiction

HELLO MY PUZZLE FREAKS! *waving with a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm*

It’s time for yet another Stumped, the ONLY blog you need for your puzzling… needs. Yeah. Anyway, we’ve managed to slip away from Winter’s muggy clutches and I think we can safely say that Spring is definitely in the air. The sun is out, which only means one thing for me: do the geek antisocial thing of staying in and gaming like a beast, hoorah! Now I must confess, my Stumpers, this month’s puzzle look is a little scarce. I’ve only been playing one game this month. Before you get too upset, why don’t you check it out, then you may just get addicted too.

THREES – iPhone / iPad (£1.49)

So, this is what I’ve been playing, constantly and consistently, on both my iPad and iPhone for the past 30 days. Now what is this THREES all about? The aim of the game is to rearrange the numbered cards that are in a 4×4 grid, matching the cards to create a super number. When you first play, the cards available on the grid will either make the number 3 (from the 1 and 2 cards) or will be 3 itself. To progress through the game, you will need to match two of the same numbered cards as well as making 3 with the 1 and 2 cards available. But there is something you have got to bear in mind. When you move the cards, all of the cards on the grid will move too.


So the game should go a little something like this: Add the 1 and 2 card to get yourself a 3. By adding the 3 with another 3 card on the board, you get a lovely 6. Match that 6 with another 6 on the board and what do you get? that’s right, you get 12, and so on and so forth. If you play your cards right (yay, accidental pun) you can potentially match the grand number of 6,144. The highest I’ve reached so far is 192, so I’m quite a way off. As you’re moving the cards around like a badass, more cards get added to the grid. It maybe another 1, 2 or ‘matched’ number card (3, 6, 12 etc). But don’t panic, you are given a heads up, thanks to the ‘Next’ card above the board so you can plan your move. Plus, if you slowly move the grid, you can see what your next move will look like before you commit to it. Nifty, right?! Once you’ve run out of moves, all the cards that you managed to match get added together, giving you your total score. Any 1 and 2 cards don’t get counted. As of today, the highest score I’ve managed to get is 2,580. Can you do any better?


And there you have it. My new addiction, which hopefully, has become your addiction too. If you do manage to kick my score’s ass in the bum or even get closer to the super number of 6,144, why not drop me (@Sezzyboo) or even the team (@ReadyUp) a tweet so we can bask in your number awesomeness. Until next time my puzzle lovers, keep on puzzlin’!



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