Stumped – Pixel Me Happy

It’s that time again for another fun-filled edition of Stumped. This month the games I’ve been taking a crack at all have one thing in common – they’re all in shiny pixel graphics. Who doesn’t love a little bit of retro-looking gaming, right?!

Mega Dead Pixel – iOS

How do you control a falling pixel? By tapping either side of it, that’s how. That’s how you play Mega Dead Pixel. As the pixel falls you need to avoid the black pixel shapes which can smash your pixel into teeny tiny bits. You can, however, turn these dangerous obstacles into a point-gaining free-for-all, but it does involve getting very close to the shapes. If you’re feeling lucky, then what you need to do is get close to the shape just before you fall past it. If done correctly, the shape will change colour and you’ll get your points. Snazzy. But as you can see when you start the game, you’re just an ickle pixel… which is just pants. But fear not, for if you can ‘colour in’ three shapes in succession or you collect the white pixel, your little pixel will increase in size. Oh, and just so you know, the bigger the pixel, the faster you fall.

Mega Dead Pixel

Pixel People – iOS

You can play a pixel messiah in Pixel People, where you create your own town that just so happens to be in space. But the coolness doesn’t stop there, oh no. You also make your own people. That’s right, your own people are made by splicing together two different attributes and the extra magic mix of freshly-mined Utopium. The irritaing ting about Utopium is that its quite hard to come by. This is super pants as you realise that you can actually go through quite a bit of Utopium, especially if you want to speed up what’s meant to be a 14-hour build to just mere seconds. You can always mine for it, or even plant special trees which produce Utopium every so often, then only use it in desperate circumstances. Or if you become enthralled by how cool this game is, and you end up spending your entire lazy Sunday creating your perfect town, like someone I know, you can always buy Utopium. Anyway, I digress. With each new person made, you need to house them and build them a place to work. Now this will take a lot of space, which you don’t start off with. But fear not, you can purchase additional land with the money your mini people generate.

Pixel People

Flappy Bird – iOS

Oh Flappy Bird, what can I say about you?! Yeah, you’ll probably be a faded memory by the time this blog is published or maybe your loyal fans have come together and fought for your survival. Whatever the outcome of your future may be, let us bask, if only for a moment, in the glory of a game that got everyone taking. Even if it was just to comment on how it reminded you of a game about a famous Italian plumber. What I can say about Flappy Bird is that I applaud its simple concept and how much it gets you hooked. Whether you like it or not, all you have to do is tap the screen and dodge pipes. The further you get the more you can brag about your finger-tapping skills. With every failure, you tell yourself “just one more go… I’ll get it this time,” which we all know is just gamer talk for “I will master this bitch if it’s the last thing I do!” Next thing you know, you’ve managed to burn through five hours of your time. So, should this annoyingly addictive game avoid the chop for just a little longer, why not give it a shot. If it’s gone and you didn’t get to play it, just mark it down as the time you missed out on jumping on the ol’ band wagon.

Flappy Bird

There we have it. Three very different games, all Technicolor pixel loveliness that gets your grey matter firing on all cylinders.

So, until next time, keep on puzzlin’!



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