What am I supposed to do now?

It was glorious! There was the unboxing, the installing, the updating and the playing of Forza 5 and Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag. There were oohs and ahhs as I drooled over the prettiness and quietness of my new Xbox One and I looked forward to many, many months of similar visceral experiences! So today I had a look to see what I could grab, now that Black Flag is done. I went onto the GAME website (saves a walk up the hill) and this is what I got:

Anything on here for me?
Anything on here for me?


Let’s have a quick tour down the list…

  • Battlefield 4: Nope FPS, can’t play that.
  • FIFA 14: Nope footie, BORING!
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition – actually thinking about this, but did complete it on the 360 so hmm.
  • Titanfall: SOOO want to play this, but FPS so can’t.
  • Destiny: Looks nice! FPS again, this is getting tedious.
  • Dead Rising 3: Zombie game so no interest, also FPS so can’t anyway!
  • Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag: Been there, done that.
  • NBA 2K14: not even going to go there…
  • Just Dance 2014: HAH!
  • Thief: First Person again… gah!

So that’s it, of the top ten games (some of which aren’t even out yet!) I can either re-play something I’ve already got, endure something I don’t care about or suffer major nausea trying to play something which I’m not physically capable of processing!







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  1. Evan avatar

    Dead Rising 3 isn’t a FPS, it’s 3rd person open world.

  2. Mitchell Hall avatar
    Mitchell Hall

    Sorry.. uh what? You want to play titanfall really bad but “cant” because it’s fps? Great logic. And.. Um Dead rising 3 is 3rd person and not a shooter at all.. forget about metal gear solid? Am I right to assume you don’t even know what that is? You’re forgetting ryse.. it only has around a 70% on reviews but in my opinion deserved a much higher score. It was a great game.. Also yeah thief is first person.. but not a shooter… and so what that it’s first person? What am I missing here?

    1. John Brown avatar
      John Brown

      The point is that I CANT play FPS’s because I get motion sickness after about 5 seconds. Yep, made a boob with Dead Rising, but still got no interest in Zombie games. Ryse wasn’t on the list, neither was MGS, hence no reference. I have thought about picking up Ryse though and may do that at some point…

      1. Mitchell Hall avatar

        So I don’t get it.. you can only play games on that list or what? What about watch dogs? What about dying light? Elder scrolls online? Quantum break? Sunset overdrive? Anyway I could go on and on there’s a ton of games coming out this year. I’ve never heard of a gamer getting sick from fps.. what was the last fps game you’ve played?

        1. John Brown avatar
          John Brown

          Mitchell, the point of the piece is that I took a snap-shot of the current top ten games and I looked at them from MY perspective. It wasn’t supposed to be exhaustive or a list of every game that’s coming out – I did pick up a copy of Ryse today though!
          It’s not just playing, watching too causes dizziness, nausea and general not feeling very well at all. Tried Halo, tried Rainbow 6, even Gears of War caused the issue.. It’s the camera movement which causes the problems. I’m not alone, it’s a thing.

  3. Gemma Hart avatar
    Gemma Hart

    Motion sickness during gaming is totally a thing. I get it from first person cameras that are like looking through the characters eyes. Unfinished Swan, Quantum Conundrum and Far Cry 3 are the worst culprits for it for me!

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