The Ready Up Podcast – Season 3 Episode 14 – “Three on the Bunce”

Tony and Simon have almost recovered from the ‘festive period’ – giant Snickers notwithstanding – and are joined this week by Rob Bunce, Chief Editor at to chat about things and also stuff!


  • Massive Snickers
  • Pet Owls and magic zip lines
  • AC4: Black Flag looks beautiful and plays very well but the Shanties are a bitch to catch!
  • Max: Curse of the brotherhood – reviewed by Tony here – tricky enough to be challenging, not too hard to be fun
  • Tony tried not to Starve in “Don’t Starve” but failed when searching for a carrot – I know!
  • “Left Behind” Last of Us DLC – enjoyable even though you think you know the ending?
  • Add Celine Dion and a naked Kate Winslet and EVERY story is a good one (according to Simon at least)


Simon’s game-with-no-name makes its shining return!

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Ready Up Podcast theme music courtesy of Tommy Tallarico.


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