New god and arena map for MOBA Smite

The god of that brows stuff all our civilisations are built on (earth), Geb, is making his début in god-bashing MOBA Smite.

If you’re into tanking or supporting then you’ll want to give Geb a go. He’s chock full of survivability and CC, and is sure to be a useful guy to have on your side in a team fight. Geb can slow or knock up enemies on one hand while defending his team mates and shrugging off assassins on the other.

Tanks being a popular choice in the arena, why not take him for a jog around the brand new Arena map. A map where players will be expected to spawn a Manticore via slaughtering their foes and then escort it through their portal. This new Arena map will be on rotation with the older, more traditional iteration.

One more nice little change: Minotaurs have now been replaced with Titans in Conquest mode, so you’ve a whole new living creature to kill for no apparent reason.








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