Final Fantasy VI Port Now Available on Android

Following an announcement late last year, the legendary Super Nintendo RPG, originally localised in several western territories as Final Fantasy III, is now available on Android devices running version 3.2 (“Honeycomb”) or higher.

In a series that often evokes wildly-differing opinions from its fans, Final Fantasy VI is generally considered a high-point (with our own JRPG-fanatic Ben highlighting it in his Silent Protagonist feature), so expectations for the Android release were high.

However, many fans have reacted negatively to the game’s “updated” graphical makeover, which features re-drawn sprites, filtered backgrounds and new character portraits.

It should be noted that Kazuko Shibuya, a graphical designer who has been a part of the core Final Fantasy team for its entire life span, led the overhaul. The updated character portraits also more accurately match character designer Yoshitaka Amano’s original concept art. You can check out the new look for Final Fantasy VI in both the launch trailer and press screenshots, embedded below.

Criticism has also been expressed at the comparatively-high mobile price point of £10.99, though this is in line with Square Enix’s other mobile releases on the Play store.

Among the other enhancements to the Android release are touch-screen controls (as expected) and a new hint system, which allows players to consult a friendly Mog on what they should do next if they get lost.

An iOS version has yet to be announced, though it is expected soon, given previous releases on the platform.



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