Steam Family Options Leaves Beta

The new family options were made available to all users in the 7th January update to the Steam client.

Rather than age-gate content based on the local age-rating of individual titles, family options allow account moderators to control how client access – such as store purchasing, library availability and community participation – is filtered through Steam. This control is secured by a family options PIN code.

Commenting on their approach, Valve said:

“We understand every family has its own approach to establishing rules and setting limits when it comes to media, entertainment, and games. We hope most families talk through these issues together and find ways to agree on what’s realistic and fair. It sometimes seems there are as many family policies as there are families. So with Family Options, we’re introducing a new way for parents and families to establish their own rules together, using Steam. “

It should be noted that the new options do not allow users to share games between accounts, though beta users have claimed that this feature was said to be in testing.

For more information about Steam’s new family options, including instructions on how to enable and tailor the service to your needs, check out the official announcement from the Steam Community.






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