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Ben: Hmmm… My ultimate gaming related present? That’s actually a tough one; I’ve got a Vita (thanks to my sister for my birthday) and a 3DS, not to mention the last generation’s consoles. However, for the time being I’ll pass on saying I want a PS4 or an Xbox One – even if money was no object. There’s nothing out for them at the minute that interests me. Even if there was, I’d be spending all my spare time on the PS3 anyway for the next few months. With Final Fantasy X and X-2 coming out in March, Tales of Symphonia in February and Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns just around the corner, why would I buy a new console… not yet anyway.

Saying that, if I could buy ANYTHING I’d probably buy a super awesome gaming PC. Thanks to our very own Carly, I’ve started playing Final Fantasy XIV, and my laptop is trying its best to cope… so far it’s doing the best as it can… although to be honest, it can’t even play “The Sims 3” properly, so I doubt it’ll be long before I’m realistically looking at a gaming PC anyway… just not one as expensive as this beauty!


Although while we’re at it, throw in one of these babies as well!

Lottery tickets here I come!


Susan: The question is about gaming merchandise, so I can’t answer “my very own Taiko no Tatsujin arcade cabinet”. I suppose it would have to be something Ace Attorney related, since it’s one of my all-time favourites and it’s very difficult to find merchandise related to that series, something rather annoying considering its dedicated following.

For the Japanese release of Ace Attorney, through the Capcom e-store, there was a bundle of merchandise available which included a 3DS case styled like Nick’s suit and, best of all, a large statue of Nick as he appears in the game, complete with classic pointing pose.

The problem is that it was a limited edition. So, although it’s not really expensive in comparison to other pieces, it’s just hard to find. One statue was a raffle prize at a Capcom event where they screened the Ace Attorney movie but unfortunately I’m just not that lucky. It went to a girl who was cosplaying Maya Fey at the time, so it’s not even as if I can really be mad about it, either.

I would like that statue, and if money (and space) was really no object, I would like it life-size, and in the corner of my room. I don’t have to present any further arguments to the court other than ‘it would be awesome’. No objections? Of course not.

wpg_jamesJames: Don Mattrick’s wig. I’ve been on the trail of Mattrick’s trademark toupee ever since Microsoft released it back in to the wild earlier this year. You often hear people say that they’d love to be a fly on the wall at some memorable event or other, well that hairpiece (I’m assuming it’s a hairpiece, because what one man would be luck enough to be both a business icon and have like-you-just-stepped-out-of-a-salon locks?) was protecting the head of the Xbox head man during some of the most important meetings and presentations the games industry has ever known.
In my mind, it’s as important a historical artefact as the Shroud of Turin. If I’m unable to track and trap the fabled Mop of Mattrick, or find a decent replica somewhere (surely this is exactly the kind of thing Etsy was made for), then I’d have to go for some sort of video game related art. Normally, this comes in two distinct types, the “that’s awesome” type, like this and this, or the, “that’s awesome, but there’s absolutely no way I’m putting that up on my wall” type, like this. I’d definitely prefer the former type to the latter.
Merry Christmas, everyone, and a Happy New Year.







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