Upon booting up Dead Rising 3 you’ll likely be on the receiving end of an update notification telling you to download a bulky 5GB patch for your game.

Great, right? Who knows what magical bounty lies within all these gigabytes? That’s an enormous size for an update to a game. Some have noted seeing visual upgrades and less slowdown (somewhat unlikely) since downloading the patch, but far more widespread is the claim that it can delete your progress.

The likely culprit seems to be starting the game up before the update has finished downloading (because you can do that now for some reason). It’s generally a good idea to keep in mind that “ready to play” just means it’ll let you start the game, it doesn’t mean the update is done yet. You can check the update progress on your Games and Apps tab.

If you’ve done this you’ll need to quit the game out and wait fir the update to finish before starting it up again. The next step is to hope and pray that your time with the game makes its way back to you.

If that doesn’t help you may need to completely reinstall the game to sort the issue, which is a massive pain in the neck.

There’s no word yet on what the patch actually does. Other than claims of improved graphics players have noted an increase in the number of blueprints, and one case of a player suspecting their game had been upgraded to the Dead Rising 3 Premium Edition.

(Source: Gamefaqs, Xbox forums)