GTA Online Ready to Capture Even More of Your Time

GTA online, while a fantastically fun time sink, has yet to really live up to its potential. Rockstar are seemingly edging it ever closer to this endgame, though, with constant releases of new content. The latest update includes new game modes for players to sink their teeth into, all based around the idea of capturing something (though without having to resort to flags).

Four new game modes have been included – Raid is your essential bare bones capture the package style game type. Hold requires teams to capture and hold as many packages in their base as possible (while stopping the other team stealing them back for themselves). GTA sees players fight to brings vehicles back to their own base. Contend is the obligatory one package mode.

All in all, a nice selection of modes to spend time with. Those that are still enthralled by the online world of San Andreas will surely be thankful for fresh content, and as a free update those that have taken a hiatus may be tempted back to the streets. As nice as this all is though, I still wish we’d get some online heists  soon, Payday 2 won’t hold my attention forever.


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