PlayStation 3 Title Tales of Zestiria Announced

The announcement was made at a Japanese reveal event last night by developer Namco Bandai Studios. A trailer for the new title was also shown, embedded below.

European fans will be pleased to learn that the game is already confirmed for Europe – albeit at an unknown date – on the PlayStation 3. Speaking on the official Sony EU blog, Namco Bandai Studios’ Hideo Babai, head producer for the Tales series, revealed that the title is on its way to PS3 consoles in North America, South America and Europe.

Commenting on the worldwide news, Babai-san added, “This is a huge moment for Namco Bandai Games and the Tales Of team in particular as it is the first time we have simultaneously announced the game for both Japan and Western countries.

It’s an exciting time for followers of the Tales franchise, with Tales of Symphonia Chronicles – an HD compilation of the GameCube’s Tales of Symphonia and the Wii’s Dawn of the New World, complete with dual-language audio tracks and other goodies – due in February next year on the PS3.

Ready Up’s own Tales devotee Ben took an extensive look at Tales of Symphonia (and its brethren) in his “The Silent Protagonist” feature, outlining the reasons JRPG fans shouldn’t miss this long-running series.



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