Lightning Returns Collector’s Edition Revealed

The latest entry in the Final Fantasy XIII universe – titled Lightning Returns – is inching ever closer to its western release, ans as is generally the case when release dates start creeping up a special edition has been revealed. Unfortunately, only the US has had this edition confirmed, and it’s only available from the Square-Enix online store. If this, or an equivalent version, doesn’t come across the Atlantic though I’ll be surprised. Its mostly the standard bonus fluff that’s included, with the obligatory exclusive DLC and (always appreciated) art book, but the inclusion of a working pocket watch may entice a few fans to fork over the extra money to upgrade.

Personally the watch is a little too much for my tastes, but I am a man that has been known to describe t-shirts with pictures on as “too loud”, but I am a fan of nicely done hard cover art books. As a fan of the FF XIII games so far I’m looking forward to Lightning Returns, and the fancy box and art book may be enough to help me part with a few extra quid should this edition become available outside of the states.



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