The Ready Up Podcast – Season 3 Episode 11 – “Out With The Old!”

This week Tony is joined by his new Dark Shadow, Simon Allen who will be lurking around for the foreseeable future. Alongside the new team is Mark Brown, former Ready Up alumni and now Editor of Pocket Gamer, so there’s a fistful of new perspective from him this time out.


  • Mark tells us about Tearaway on the PS Vita which allows you to literally poke the world from the back of the Vita itself
  • Tony is enjoying Beyond: Two Souls having got hold of a copy from Producer John
  • Mark describes the Moga Ace Power iPhone controller and why it’s so good
  • Simon has acquired a PS Vita and is hitting a load of older PS titles really hard
  • There’s a BIG Spelunky conversation including the Eggplant run
  • Then it’s all Next-Gen
  • But Simon isn’t impressed with the CoD: GHOSTS campaign..
  • Simon wants to be stealthy in The Last of Us, but is frustrated by the ‘Am I, Aren’t I?’ cover available.
  • Simon brings a game to the podcast – join in at home, kids!



Name Simon’s new game! Send us your game-based name ideas on twitter to @ReadyUp with the hashtag #namesimonsgame to potentially win worldwide praise, adulation and possibly some stuff we’ve got lying around – or at the very least a solid namecheck in the next Podcast.

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