Phoenix Wright DLC Case Launches with Trailer

To celebrate the release of the new case (which acts as a prologue of sorts to the main game), developer Capcom have released a new trailer highlighting the insanity of the scenario, embedded below.

The downloadable episode, which we first reported on back in July, focuses on the return of legal-legend Phoenix Wright to the courtroom, with his first formal case in eight years.

In a twist that won’t surprise series veterans (remember, this is the guy who has successfully cross-examined parrots and people literally possessed by other people), his accused client is an aquarium orca. Yes, a killer whale.

Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies was released on 24th October as an Nintendo 3DS eShop exclusive for a reduced price of $29.99/£19.99. Series newcomer Danny recently reviewed the game and awarded it 8/10, citing the game’s excellent use of tension and over-the-top personalities in its narrative.



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