Mask Up For More Heists With Payday 2 DLC

A good heist is often hard to pull off. Outside of even the planning and execution, there’s a lot of waiting around for the right situation to arise. For example an armoured car job involves waiting for something to require an armoured convoy, and then actually waiting for the car itself to show up. Somewhat apt, then, that we have had to wait for Overkill to release the first DLC for Payday 2.

As of November 14th, players on Steam will be able to download the “Armoured Transport” DLC. This pack will let users assault an armoured convoy and relieve it of all its valuables, with the tease of a (possibly breaking bad inspired) train heist should the proper information be looted from the truck. Unfortunately, console players looking to get in on the action will have to wait till next year, but it looks like its going to be a wait worth having.







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