Xbox One and Playstation 4 unboxing videos released

Two unboxing videos of the next generation consoles have emerge over the weekend; one is official, the other, not so much.

Lucky Twitter user Moonlightswami received his Xbox One, fourteen days before its release day as American retailer Target shipped it early due to a system error. The very happy new Xbox One owner took to the internet to share a few shots of the console along with his very own unboxing video. Whilst many of us understand his excitement, Microsoft wasn’t too impressed with what he shared on the internet and so the company managed to get some of the footage removed by a copyright claim. And they didn’t stop there, Moonlightswami did also get his brand new console banned from Xbox Live, Major Nelson has however confirmed that this wasn’t a permaban.

A couple of days after Microsoft got its very own unofficial unboxing video, Sony released one on its YouTube channel. This one did benefit from a significantly higher budget and even has a sci-fi feel to it. It shows each element being revealed to the viewer by Sony Worldwide Studios’ president, Shuhei Yoshida.

Some could speculate that once again Sony is teasing Microsoft by releasing this video now but perhaps it really was pure coincidence.

Either way, the Playstation 4 will launch 15th November in Northern America and 29th November in Europe whilst the Xbox One will be released on 22nd November. If you can’t wait until then, have a peak at what’s in both boxes in the videos below.









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