Jeff Donais – Creative Director on Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes developer Gazillion Entertainment are gearing up for a huge update this month so we grabbed some time with Creative Director Jeff Donais to ask him about how the game has changed since launch and his plans for the game in the future.

With Marvel Heroes now five month old what would you say has been the biggest unexpected challenge that launching a game of this type has presented?

Jeff: The biggest challenge is managing the huge amount of content that we want to add to the game. There is 10 years of content that we plan to add and we have to use great patience to pace everything.

It’s a huge privilege to work with an IP like Marvel and they are great to work with.

We’ve seen a significant number of mechanical changes since launch, how was player feedback used to inform these change decisions?

Jeff: We take player feedback very seriously. We communicate and solicit feedback from our community regularly and we view our forums as a vehicle to interact and work together with our players. In the end we are in business for our community and fans.

Is the jump to version 2.0 a sign that you believe the core game to be finished and ready for expansion?

Jeff: We feel that Game Update 2.0 is a mini-expansion of sorts. It is the first in a series of Game Updates scheduled to be released in the next several months that will continue to expand on the story content and Asgard themed zones and enemies introduced in 2.0.

Update 2.0 takes players to Asgard.

What major changes and additional content can players expect with the 2.0 update?

Jeff: Game Update 2.0: Asgard will be one of the biggest patches to date for Marvel Heroes and will be the first patch that expands on the Story content in the game complete with new motion comics. Additional new content includes: New zones and a server wide mission to unlock the Bifrost Bridge, our first playable villain: Loki, new hero starting lineup with nine heroes, and legendary items.

What would be your message to potential returning players that tried the game at launch and did take to it?

Jeff: We have worked tirelessly to make the game awesome and feel that the scope of improvements is so significant that launch players will be very impressed with everything that we have done!

On a more personal level, what is your preferred hero/costume combination?

Jeff: I like two types of heroes the most. The first are heroes that have a strategic element, such as Rocket Raccoon. I also enjoy playing heroes that have the feeling of shooting everything in sight, like Hawkeye, Punisher, etc. As for costumes, we have so many great costumes that it is impossible for me to pick a favorite!

If you could choose any Marvel hero to be added to the game who would it be? (Our choice would be Blink)

Jeff: Good choice! We have a long list of Heroes we plan to add and some of those we have planned next include (in no particular order) Gambit, Nightcrawler, and Ghost Rider. Personally, I would love to see Nick Fury. I envision him similar to a Skelemancer from Diablo II. He would summon squads of SHIELD agents who are specialized in various things such as ranged damage, melee, tanking, support, etc. He could even call in artillery strikes, helicarrier air support, or Superheroes to his aid!






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