The Ready Up Podcast – Season 3 Episode 8 – “ONLINE!”

Well, surprise surprise, Tony’s podcast this week is pretty much all about GTA V Online. Joined this week by Sarah-Lou Costley who’s totally new to the GTA series and Jonny Cox who certainly isn’t.

It’s not all GTA V, though. Jonny is a big TwitchTV fan and shares his love of speed runs and the massive audiences.



  • GTA V Online is more fun than a box of puppies, especially when you and a bunch of friends are screaming around Los Santos in jet planes
  • Tony wonders whether watching a game is as much fun as playing a game
  • Sarah found the GTA learning curve a little steep but is happy now she has Trevor in his pants with an assault rifle
  • Random iPhone games are also on Sarah-Lous agenda, including the bizarre Pig Rush
  • We’re also loving Ready Up alumni Mark Brown’s Pixel This!

Don’t forget about out superb Magic: The Gathering competition too!

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