Castlevania Lords of Shadow Collection Dated

Castlevania, as is common with such long running series, has a somewhat tenacious following. This was evident with the slight outcry about the direction the original Lords of Shadow – a seeming reboot if not retcon of the whole universe. Shame really, as they wrote off what turned out to be a really quite good game. Should anybody who missed it first time round want to finally give it a shot however, or even those looking to revisit the game, Konami have announced the release date for the Lords of Shadow collection. Novemeber 8th shall be a fantastic night to have a curse on Xbox 360 and PS3. It even comes complete with both DLC packs.

The re-release of the original LoS isn’t the best news, though. The ‘Collection’ of the title refers to what may tip the title firmly into the but category – a HD version of the previously 3DS exclusive Mirror of Fate. While LoS is a 3D title in the vain of God of War (or indeed the earlier PS2 era 3D Castlevania games), MoF is a decidedly more classic ‘vania game – two dimensional, exploration heavy action that many associate with the series.

As an added bonus there’s also a demo of the upcoming Lords of Shadow 2. All told, the collection is a tidy little package that brings new action Castlevania and classic exploration Castlevania together.

Neither are still quite Symphony of the Night though…


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