As you may have seen we’ve recently taken our first steps into the world of Theros. To celebrate the release of the Magic: The Gathering expansion we’ve gotten together with Wizards of the Coast and come up with an extremely special prize – a Theros card sleeve sheet signed by members of the sets design and development teams containing the Hero Cards from the Prerelease and Launch Weekend events.

As well as the signed sheet being a great collector’s piece these Hero Cards will come in very handy during the Theros Game Day weekend (October 19th & 20th) when players will finally have a chance to face off against the Hydra Challenge Deck, a self-running deck that simulates the epic battle with the many-headed hydra of myth. During the weekend event players can use their own Magic deck and Hero Cards to play against the Challenge Deck by themselves or with friends. Defeating the Hydra will earn them another Hero Card that they will use in future battles with Challenge Decks throughout the Theros block.

To find out where you can take part in the Theros Game Day head over to the Store and Event Locator website.


What are the five basic colours used in Magic: The Gathering?

a: Black, White, Brown, Grey & Purple

b: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green & Blue

c: White, Blue, Black, Red & Green

Entries Close 15th October 2013, winner will be notified by email.

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