New Smite god, Mercury, speeds into the fray

The latest god to make an appearance in the Smite Open beta is Mercy, the messenger god of the Greeks.

If you like your matches fast-paced then Mercury’s your man. His passive, Fastest God Alive, encourages constant movement by granting a damage boost based on how much distance he covers before attacking.

His first ability deals damage to any enemies within a target area that grows in size as the skill is upgraded making it useful for dealing damage to multiple enemies during, say, a teamfight or even for jungling.

His second ability buffs his attack speed while making him immune to both slow and root effects, a solid escape as well as a strong ability for chasing after fleeing gods.

Mercury can also dash forward with his third ability to grab an opponent doing damage and flinging them in a direction of your choosing (wherever your camera is facing).

Finally Mercury’s ult sends him rushing forward over a massive distance (500ft) faster than the speed of sound doing damage and throwing any enemies he connects with in a random direction. Solid for crowd control in a team fight and useful for catching up to fleeing gods.

For more in-depth information on the character and some examples of how to use his skills check out the official God reveal video.








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