Don’t install GTA V’s play disc on 360

Rockstar advises Xbox 360 players that installing the GTA V’s play disc onto their machine will negatively alter the performance of the game. The company’s support team tweeted earlier today that “For optimal performance, we recommend not installing that disc. We will have more info on our Support Site at launch.

The game will come with two 8GB discs on Xbox 360 and whilst the first “install” disc has to be installed on the hardware, players shouldn’t do the same with the “play” disc.

A video titled “Why you shouldn’t install the GTA5 “Play Disc” on Xbox 360” has been uploaded on the DigitalFoundry YouTube channel, it shows the game with side by side comparative videos, one where the game is played directly from the disc, the other with the HDD install.

Though some people who pre-ordered the game via Amazon have already received their copy over the weekend, the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V is being released tomorrow Tuesday 17th September.







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