This week Tony was Scuppered by geek happenings in the form of the new iPhone launch and national Sporting events in the Shape of an England World Cup qualifying match.. BUT HAVE NO FEAR, the Super Special Substitute team of Anthony Pounds-Cornish, and Producer John were on hand to Step in and Save Tony’s Sausages.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Tony’s theme of the day this time is ‘S’ for Splinter Cell: Blacklist, iPhone 5S, and Sitting around waiting for the new wave of decent games to appear. And of course we Sit and chat about all of the other Stuff they’ve been up to. I think that’s enough with the S for now.

‘S’ brings us

  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Tony and Anthony have both been diving into the latest title in the franchise and discuss the new bit, the old and now missing bits and John wonders if perhaps he’s missed a trick with this series!
  • iPhone 5S – it was the big reveal as we recorded and the boys have a chat about the new shiny which has been revealed
  • Saints Row IV – OK, none of us have actually played it yet, but if you HAVE, we’d like to hear from you and collectively we’re not sure if it’s worth buying…
  • Sitting around – is also a chance to re-visit the games we’ve not completed or missed. Tony is being all gangster with Mafia 2, and John finished off Lost Planet 2 before diving into Lost Planet 3 for his recent review.


  • John reveals just how deeply Mass Effect has entered his psyche – stickers on a MacBook
  • Anthony and Tony compare tactics in Splinter Cell and we discover that Anthony admires glaciers for their relative speed
  • Tony exposes the new paradigm for PS gaming. If you aren’t sure, wait 8-12 months and get it for free on PSN. Is he a genius or just tight? Your opinions in the comments please!
  • RAGE QUIT – Tony has issues with invisible walls, choices which aren’t really choices, badly placed checkpoints, and difficult grenades (!)
  • The PS Vita TV device and other micro console-typewidgets. Needed, essential, do they have a purpose, and why no support for the new controller?


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