14-Minute Watch_Dogs Gameplay Video Released

The video follows on from the Watch_Dogs Hacker Hunt competition, and includes over 10 minutes of all-new footage of the game.

It highlights several of the ways the player can use their hacking prowess to influence the city, from accessing cameras from a central control grid, to utilising the environment in order to stop a woman from getting brutally attacked. Commentary from the developers of the game narrate the proceedings.

Naturally, with a gameplay video of this length, those who wanted to go into Watch_Dogs completely fresh can expect a couple of minor spoilers.

Watch_Dogs will be released in Europe on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U on 22nd November, which (by no coincidence) is also the same date as the launch of Microsoft’s new console. It will also be available on Sony’s PlayStation 4 when it launches on 29th November.







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