Xbox One to Launch November 22

Microsoft have today announced that 13 territories around the world will be receiving its next gen console on the 22nd of November. For those of us here in Europe that means the Xbox will once again be the first console out of the gate, with the PS4 coming the week after on November 29th as opposed to the November 15th date in the US.

The thirteen territories confirmed to share this launch date are the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. So all the major Western countries then.

Those with a pub trivia level of console knowledge may also recognise the November 22 date as the US release of the Xbox 360 way back in 2005, making the Xbox One launch on the 8th anniversary. Not quite the then touted ten year life cycle, but I’m sure we can forgive them a two year discrepancy.


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