Free FIFA 14 comes with the Day One Edition Xbox One pre-orders only

It seems like many thought that anyone pre-ordering an Xbox One console would get a free copy of FIFA 14, and the official Xbox Twitter account did confirm this information.

It turns out that this isn’t exactly correct. Microsoft social marketing manager, Graeme Boyd took to his Twitter account earlier today to explain how gamers get the free copy of the football game when preordering the next-gen console.

“Had a few questions on this so wanted to clarify: FIFA 14 will only come free with Xbox One Day One Edition pre-orders, while stocks last,” he tweeted.

“If you have already pre-ordered a Day One Edition Xbox One, or pre-order one from now on while stocks last, you will receive FIFA 14 free.

“Another important note – the Day One Edition Xbox One FIFA 14 offer is valid in Europe, this holiday, while stocks last.”

The Day One Edition Xbox One is exclusively available in Europe. If you have pre-ordered the Xbox One console, you won’t get FIFA 14, if you have pre-ordered the Day One Edition Xbox One console, you will get FIFA 14. If you are yet to pre-order one, there is still some stock of the Day One Edition available.

In addition to this information, Graeme Boyd later confirmed that the game will come in the form of a download code, this means that you can gift it to someone else if you don’t fancy playing FIFA 14.

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  1. Ciaran Allen avatar
    Ciaran Allen

    Crikey, it’s about time the gaming journalism world figured this one out! Every article I’ve read about the Xbox One with FIFA 14 offer has been wrong until now, leaving retailers to explain things properly when people decide to place their pre-orders.

    I actually thought that Microsoft had been pretty crystal clear when they first announced it at Gamescom? I can’t really understand why there’s been so much confusion.

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