Nintendo Announce 2DS Handheld

Yes, you read the title right – the 2DS. As the name implies its a fully functioning 3DS that’s been limited to only two dimensions. Granted many people use their 3DS’ with the slider turned down anyway, but taking away what was a defining feature for a console at launch seems a little strange, though as it’s being touted as an ‘entry-level’ handheld with the lower price of £109.99 it may be perfect for those simply wanting a machine to play pokémon X/Y.

With a new redesign it also seems less, well, portable. Gone is the fold-able clamshell design that let gamers on the go carry it in their pocket, replaced instead with a flat slate look, with unprotected screens and buttons to get pushed and pulled and twisted in transit. I guess a carry case is a must for portability then, which is lucky as such an item will be available in red or blue at launch for $12.99, so expect around £9.99 British sterling.

Shame it looks like a door wedge though.







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