Gamers spend more on Android than on Sony and Nintendo handhelds combined

A recent study has suggested that statistically speaking gamers are spending more on their Android tablets and smart phones than on software for the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita combined.

This follows a continued shift towards such games, especially considering the roaring success of Apple in making often extremely cheap handheld games available for download, and the relative ease such platforms provide for small time Indie Developers to get their work out.

Oddly enough, these figures showed that this trend was biggest in the Asia/ Pacific market; an area in which both Sony and Nintendo are located. Figures from such areas generally show that the Nintendo 3DS remains strong in relation to other gaming consoles, but it would now appear to be at risk from elsewhere.

According to the Q2 Portable Gaming Report, the IOS Apple Store remains leagues ahead of Google Play, which itself is generally ahead of optimised gaming handhelds.

As the new console generation approached, Sony has made steps towards making the PS Vita a better option for Indie Developers, and yet handheld gaming consoles may always be denied the wider market of those with touch screen phones.






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