The Ready Up Podcast – Season 3 Episode 2 – “Tidy!”

Laura is back in the host chair and is joined by none other than Ready Up editor Kirsten Kearney-Bendon and designer of fab racetracks at Eutechnyx Emily Knox.

Kirsten has gone all retro remakes with DuckTales Remastered and Flashback, but she’s also in ‘mop-up mode’ and getting through all those games which she meant to play but just never got around to like Tales of Graces F.

Emily has been taking full advantage of the Steam Sale, filling up her virtual gaming shelves with various purchases but has been spending time on Dear Esther, Mark of the Ninja, and chasing a few last puzzle pieces in Braid.

Laura enjoyed the desolation and exploration of System Shock 2 but not so much the busy world of Persona 4 Golden.

Along the road we discovered that Kirsten’s mum is FAR more hardcore that she is, that way-points and direction arrows are good thing, and that The Last of Us could actually be better than you initially think. And make sure you check out Salty Bet!


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