Grand Theft Auto Online Trailer Released

The trailer, embedded below, not only shows off a substantial amount of new Grand Theft Auto V footage, but also explores the wide variety of activities you can untake in the multiplayer component of the game, including planning heists, golfing, and piloting planes and jet-skis.

With the reveal now official, previews of the ambitious online mode have started to appear on other gaming sites. Some of the highlighted features of the new mode include:

  • Support for 16 players
  • Automatic match-making based on nearby friends, skill-levels and other factors
  • Build up a criminal empire and your own crew, seperate from the main game
  • Rival player stat-tracking
  • All-new open-ended missions and activities, exclusive to online play
  • Potential user-generated content

Grand Theft Auto Online will debut on 1st October via a free online patch, arriving shortly after the release of Grand Theft Auto V on 17th September. With this new trailer, I imagine many will be joining Tony in anticipation of the game.



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