Pit Stop – An Old Perspective

My sweaty palms grip the controls tighter and tighter, the lights on blinking on my left indicate that I’m just one point away. I push myself harder and harder, blocking my view of the track. For a moment I think I’ve got it, but it’s only for a moment, I overshoot a corner and my heart sinks. “Still in for a chance” I think to myself. It’s not long before I catch my opponent on a corner and blast past. Getting a large enough distance ahead. I celebrate, and jump on the spot. I turn around and I hear “Can we have a go?”

I remember bundling around my mates house and we would play that for ages, then eat terrible food and drink even worse beer.

The game is Micro Machines V3 and I was around 12 years old. One of my earlier gaming memories, back when I used to venture out to the local youth club and jump on their PS1. I’d quite happily play with complete strangers for hours on end without any mention of someone being a noob or insults being thrown around.

That must have been around 97-98, certainly a time where games were simpler creatures, but does that make them any less enjoyable? I’m well aware that it may be nostalgia goggles making that particular game seem much better than it actually was. Still, it manages to stand out as one of my strongest gaming memories.

This brings back memories.

Very similarly my earliest gaming memory started in an arcade, that game was called super sprint. If you got a chance to be at the recent Ready Up meet up, you might have got a go on one of the arcade machines. Super sprint was there and maybe it’s nostalgia again, but it’s still one of the most fun games you can play with a mate. Perhaps it’s purely down to being the time when I was happiest, growing up, that I have a couple of strong gaming memories like this. In a number of years maybe the kids today will say the same thing about Skyrim and Call of Duty…

Some classic fun.

Some of my happiest gaming memories are thanks to these single screen top down racers, it’s a genre that hasn’t really seen a lot of love in recent years. One of the more recent games was mashed, I played that a lot on the old Xbox (the first one), that still had the same magic for me. That was during my college years, I remember bundling around my mates house and we would play that for ages, then eat terrible food and drink even worse beer.

Maybe gaming has moved on, there are still a selection of these simple, but fun games if you look at indie games and some downloadable titles, that’s going to be the way forward after all. I still think it’s also important to note, that even the simplest of games can give you the enjoyment and memories that stick with you through the years. Developers should remember that, it’s not always about creating the most mesmerising AAA rated games. It’s about having fun with your mates.






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