The Ready Up Podcast – Season 3 Episode 1 – “We’re Back!”

There was considerable consternation, help-lines were set up and counselling took place but FEAR NOT – The Ready Up Podcast is back for our third season.

Tony is taking the helm and chose the letter ‘B’ as his “Theme of the day”. Alongside Tony are Simon and a ‘real person’ in the form of Chris Challinger who enjoys playing games and has a real job, too.

‘B’ brings us

  • Battlefield 3 – of course it does, as Tony the “C4 Ferret” is running things!
  • Bungie – Chris worships the ground that they walk upon and would sacrifice almost anything to get his hands on their products
  • Battlefield 4 – it’s coming!


  • The new Xbox reputation system gets some scrutiny from the team and we learn that Simon isn’t quite as nice as he appears.
  • Chris shows off his mild paranoia by refusing to buy the Xbox ONE until he can disconnect its Kinect (unless there’s a Bungie exclusive of course)
  • Destiny, the new title from Bungie gets discussed and Tony reveals he doesn’t like shiny space guns
  • Day one game releases for the new gen platforms – is there a real reason to get them  over current gen?
  • The relative costs of the new console versus a significant upgrade to a gaming PC
  • Character switching in GTA5
  • GTA 4 night on Monday September 2nd, 8PM – check out the event on the Ready Up Facebook page





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Ready Up Podcast theme music courtesy of Tommy Tallarico.






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