Xbox One receives marginal upgrade

Mere months before the release of its new home console, the Xbox One, Microsoft has announced that the console has been given a minor boost in graphical processing power.

With the machine’s processor having been upgraded from 800MHz to 853 MHz, the console will be able to execute instructions faster than before, marginally improving its overall performance.

The update was revealed in an interview with Microsoft spokesman Larry Hyb, during which the Xbox One’s chief architect, Marc Whitten, displayed enthusiasm for this increase in the console’s capabilities.

It’s a super exciting time. This is when we’ve gone from all the specs and these arguments over the last several years to having the product and really starting to try the product internally.” He said.

It was also revealed how Microsoft staff members have been testing beta versions of the console themselves. “We’re running our internal beta and using it at home and starting to see the product really come together.

This news came after the revelation that the console will also feature a specialist graphics driver, a ‘mono driver’, which is an updated version of DirectX.

With several changes having been made to the Xbox One since the console was first revealed, will this mark the final version? We should find out around Christmas.








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