Firefly to Return in Firefly Online for iOS & Android

The announcement was made by Fox Digital Entertainment at this week’s San Diego Comic Convention and was joined a brief teaser video, embedded below.

Much like the series it is based on, Firefly Online will allow players to become a captain of their own crew, maintain their own vessel, and – of course – take on dangerous jobs to make a living. Firefly Online also promises customisable ships and cross-platform functionality, allowing players to trade materials and items with one another.

Some fans have reacted negatively to the news, hoping instead for a fully-fledged PC online experience. However, the MMORPG market is massively-risky, with very few subscription-based titles still surviving without converting to the popular “free-to-play” model. A mobile title also alleviates most of the associated financial risk of initial development.

The much-loved Firefly was infamously cancelled by Fox Television after only one season, which was shown out of order in late 2002. A fan campaign organised by “browncoats” – dedicated fans of the show – along with a heavy push by writer Joss Whedon resulted in Serenity, a movie which continued the story of the rag-tag space crew. Since then, official comics have filled in the back-stories of some characters on the show, such as the shepherd Book.



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