Xbox preview update rolls out, obliterates Microsoft points

It seems Xbox Live’s future is strikingly similar to its present.

This preview update, as far as we know, only really changes how currency works on the Xbox Live marketplace. Microsoft points have finally bit the dust and actual local currency is now king, but we’re seeing reports in the comments of Major Nelson’s blog about the program that post-update prices aren’t matching up with what they were before.

Hopefully this is NOT the case, it’s not like Microsoft haven’t already dug themselves into a Grand Canyon depth hole with the kerfuffle surrounding the Xbox One’s DRM and lack of support for self publishing indies. The last thing they need right now is to be caught out trying to sneakily raise prices.

Other than the changes to the way Xbox Live deals with currency it sounds like there’s not much changed at this stage, although it’s important to keep in mind that Xbox Live previews usually roll out a number of updates and include addition features and functionality over time.






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