• A. Raze

    This is really neat. :D I think new forms of games journalism – the rise of the YouTube LPer, for example, appeals to the gaming crowd because it taps into the more visual aspects of the medium, but there hasn’t been much in the way of tapping into the interactive side other than the examples you mentioned, so I agree, there’s loads of scope there.

    PlayStation Home actually could’ve been this. I mean, it tried to an extent, it was just hampered a number of things, but conceptually it was a great idea I think. I’ll be interested to see if the PS4/Xbone sharing/streaming capabilities lead to any new approaches in the field of journalism too.

  • Giles Armstrong

    This is incredible Mark. A fascinating way to explore and deliver your take on things.

    I’ll have a few more goes later (I’m on my lunch break now, which is 2 mins from being over) and update this comment via an edit.

    Well done. (And it is literally ‘Well Done’ too) ^_^

  • Gemma Hart

    Well done dude this is awesome :)