Fez II confirmed with an incredibly minimalist teaser

Polytron has announced that Fez II will possible, maybe, one day, be a game and has released a teaser trailer to go along with the announcement.

The original Fez was well known in the industry for being the game that never released, as well as featuring as one of the games in Indie Game: The Movie. It was a charming indie platform game that attempted to blur the line between 2D and 3D gameplay – and was quite well received after its initial delay.

Fez creator Phil Fish first announced the game in 2007, and the first release date slated an Xbox Live Arcade release for early 2010, but it was pushed back and eventually released in April 2012. The PC release of Fez only occurred just over 5 weeks ago.

The announcement trailer doesn’t really reveal much, or any real details about which platforms it will release on, or what year it is expected to launch. However, with any luck, it will be sometime before the end of 2014.







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