Xbox One DRM policies open to long-term change

Spencer went on to talk about how products change over time, using Xbox 360’s integration of Netflix, a service that simply didn’t exist when the console was released.

“We will be as attentive to that feedback on Xbox One as we were through 360. So what Larry’s saying is that these systems evolve. We’re a software company. If you think about the amount of times we changed the operating system on 360…”

In essence Spencer is saying that the rules can change, but it won’t happen in the short term. If you’re waiting for an Xbox One policy change between now and release then you may well be left wanting.

The Xbox One’s DRM policies have been a huge issue for Microsoft over the last week and they’ve been taking fire from all angles over the past week. It’s good to know that the system can change, but change goes both ways.

As ever we can simply hope that Microsoft pays close attention to criticism.






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