Levelling Up – Bearing the Burnout

Levelling Up

Welcome back to Levelling Up, the one stop shop to find some knowledge diamonds in amongst the rough journey to being a better player. This week we will be looking at gaming burnout.

Sometimes it can take months before you find yourself feeling a bit down on luck in your competitive game of choosing. Others it can be a near weekly thing after underperforming in tournaments you were really psyched to play in. It’s something that gets to everyone, that’s professionals and amateurs alike, you are always going to hit that point where you can go no further. Or at least it feels that way at the time.

It’s what you do with this burnout that really counts. Some people do, and have, given up on games because they plateaued and just couldn’t see by it. I’m not saying don’t stop playing but never give up.

A break can you do you a world of good. Time away from a game might even help you drop some terrible habits. Upon your triumphant return you will see your game in a new light and you’ll be all the better for it. You can learn something from other games you had been playing or maybe you just couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

But for those of you wanting to shake the burnout of a specific fighting game, the best idea might be to pick up another fighting game with different fundamentals. As iron sharpens iron you will find that embracing a new game, even for a short while, will benefit you greatly just by trying out a different type of game. It is just a case of picking your poison, for me trying to learn BlazBlue helped with my execution of half circle motions and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to put more thought into spacing and high-low mix ups.

It might not be a large jump but other fighting games do help.
It might not be a large jump but other fighting games do help.

Sometimes finding a game that relaxes you out with the genre can be a god send. Just taking a step back from being competitive to play something a little less taxing and chilling out with a different type of game. Maybe something that helps take your mind completely off anything remotely similar to a fighting game, so an RPG or shooting game. Just don’t get too competitive in whatever world you find yourself lost in. The purpose of playing the game is to get away from a competitive environment.

Sometimes it is as simple as taking a step back and relaxing.

But there are also ways to combat the burnout as well, some of which might even serve to make you a better player in doing so. The first of which is exploring the cast of a game. By trying out different characters you will start to understand their potential and in turn, it will help you when fighting against them. You might even find a new character that makes the game more enjoyable to play.

Perhaps you just need to step down competitively for a while. Instead of forcing yourself to be better to beat those around take a step back and just have some fun with a friend. Pick random and just see what you can do with the luck of the draw. Or make up some silly games in-game to change how you play, fireball wars or just footsies, and you’ll find yourself finding out some cool new stuff.

And lastly you can try and help somebody else play the game, by teaching somebody else you can get a sense of niches that you can’t quite get without helping somebody. Maybe they will eventually become your training partner, perhaps they will become a rival. But the bond between the student and master is a special one; you can share jokes that you might not be able to share with people in your community.

With some much vibrant colour and a lot happening VP is an easy jump from UMvC3.
With so much vibrant colour and a lot happening, VP is an easy jump from UMvC3.

In the end fighting game burnout, or any kind of burnout with a game can be frustrating. But if you are truly serious about a game you will work through it and maybe the time away will make you just that bit better. But whether you choose to fight off the burnout by some of the advice given or are battling through your burnout with Viva Pinata in hand like me, don’t forget to level up.







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