Twisted Pixel Confirms Xbox One Launch Title LocoCycle

In a week full of disheartening news about the Xbox One’s game policies, Microsoft fans will be pleased to hear confirmation of a new Xbox One launch title.

LocoCycle seems to be physics-based racing game/shoot ’em up starring a sentient bike and its unfortunate driver. Could this be Knight Rider with bikes? The game comes courtesy of veteran Xbox Live Arcade developers Twisted Pixel, who entered the industry with their well-received titles The Maw and ‘Splosion Man back in 2009.

The downloadable title will also be released on Xbox 360, though will lack the graphical grunt of the One version, which will run at 1080p resolution and at a silky-smooth 60FPS.

We’ll probably have to wait until E3 or when we know more about the Xbox One release window before we find out when we can expect LocoCycle. In the mean-time, the first trailer for the game is embedded below.



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  1. Giles Armstrong avatar
    Giles Armstrong

    It’s pretty well documented here on Ready Up that I officially [heart] Twisted Pixel, so consider me excited for this one. Especially now that I know I’ll be able to play it on my Xbox 360.

    Any news on whether it’s a Kinect or controller experience? Via a pad, Twisted Pixel’s gameplay is superb, but their Kinect offering wasn’t quite there for me in gameplay terms, at least.

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