Conker’s Bad Fur Day finally gets director’s commentary

Hail to the King, baby. Conker is back in the spotlight with a recent release of a Director’s Commentary for Conker’s Bad Fur Day that available now for free on YouTube.

The Director’s Commentary includes views and background information from one of the game’s lead creators, and voice of Conker, Christopher Seavor, as well as Conker’s Bad Fur Day programmers Shawn Pile and Chris Marlow, and lead music composer Robin Beanland.

The commentary includes insight into the game’s original creation, dealings with Nintendo, hopes for the franchise, the ‘logic’ behind some of the most obscure design decisions, and even some jokes and gags that didn’t make the final cut – for one reason or another.

Part #1 of the commentary is embedded below for your viewing/listening pleasure. There are currently 6 parts available, and no news ether or not there will be more parts released in the future. Come back, Conker. We all miss you.

You can view the entire playlist, consisting of 6 parts at time of posting, over here.







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