Neverwinter goes into Open Beta in April

On April 30th Neverwinter is heading into Open Beta, allowing millions of players unrestricted access to the game world.

“On April 30, we go into Open Beta. That’s when the world we’ve labored for years to build comes to life – that’s when every gamer can login and play what we’ve worked so hard to create. We could not be more excited.” said Producer Craig Zinkievich.

One more closed beta event will be taking place on April 12 just for Founders. Everyone that bought the Founders pack for Neverwinter will get the special access starting at 12PM that day.

Players can still become Founders through Neverwinter’s Founder’s Pack Program. Benefits include exclusive access to Beta Weekend 4, permanent in-game items that are unique to Founders, early access to Open Beta, and VIP perks.







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