Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

This is a rare situation. Usually I would slave over my keyboard trying to form a cohesive, and informative critique with the hope of educating the reader as to the quality of whatever game I am reviewing. All the while fearing that readers would simply skip to the summary, and score, taking that as my opinion, and making the majority of my caffeine-fueled words redundant. With this review I hope that every single reader does just that because I cannot, in good conscience, lavish praise upon this game without first addressing its significant shortcomings.







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  1. Patrick Rafferty avatar

    I literally had to take a repeated all night 10hr beating from barroh before I started to understand the games mechanics. Wrong weapon/armour= disaster. I just wonder in this day and age where gamers are mollycoddled and games are usually signposted, how many gamers are willing to go through sheer pain to taste the manna?!!

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