Metal Gear Rising: Jetstream Sam DLC’s new screenshots

After last week’s ‘VR Missions’ DLC, that was released exclusively to PlayStation 3 users, Metal Gear Rising is gearing up to release it’s next piece of DLC – Jetstream Sam.

The Jetstream Sam DLC will allow players to take control of Sam, Raiden’s rival from Metal Gear Rising, in some DLC exclusive solo missions. There will also be a side story featuring Blade Wolf, though specific details remain scarce for now. The DLC is already bragging that it will contain “multiple hours of gameplay and unique abilities, while expanding their storylines and origins.

Little more is known outside of the screenshots, but these do indicate that Sam will have Raiden’s ‘zandatsu’ ability – that allows to essentially harvest supplies of vanquished foes – and will also include some Sam-based VR Missions on the side as well. You can see the full gallery of the newly released screenshots below.

Metal Gear Rising’s ‘Jetstream’ DLC is expected to be available to download on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this April.






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