The Ready Up Podcast – Season 2, Episode 14 – Faec Time

Laura and Tony are joined this week by the Frangry Frandroid herself, Fran Shergold and Jon Brady, published author and writer at 7BitArcade and BigRedBarrel!

It’s a packed program this time around, the team are in fine form and the topics covered are many and varied!

Current gaming

  • Laura is in love with her new VITA, has revisited an old flame in DOOM 3 and found herself at the Heart of the Swarm with the friendly folks who play Starcraft II
  • Fran has been getting all magical in her hat with Book of Spells and also dipped her toe into Ni No Kuni
  • Jon has questioned spelling with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, pondered upon the value of the recent NFS: Most Wanted DLC and accessed the iPad ATM – Also known as Real Racing 3.
  • Tony followed Laura’s advice and played Little Inferno; he also completed the new Tomb Raider and gives it a good solid two-thumbs-up.


  • Once again the mainstream media researchers show just how silly they can be by using Assassin’s Creed screenshots to represent today’s Damascus in a story about the conflict in Syria.
  • SimCity, the launch that failed due to its own success.
  • PETA are they really “as thick as mince” – Jon Brady. The power-to-the-pets group protests at in-game hunting and the plight of Zerglings!

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