Dear Jo,

You probably don’t know me. Sure, you’ll know Soap, Price, Ramirez, Ghost… but you won’t know me. I’ll tell you what, you can just call me ‘Other Guy’. Everybody else does. I’m just as skilled as everyone else. I’m a soldier, but you wouldn’t think so. I go on high profile, dangerous missions… but I may as well be invisible. The job description sounds epic, but in reality I’m just running across country whilst holding a rifle.

I’m the one on the uh, left.

The problem is, the captain always asks the same person to do things! It’s always ‘Ramirez, grab the RPG! Ramirez, get on the turret!’ or ‘Soap, go and blow up some shit!’. What if I want to have a go? Sometimes I’m standing right next to a tank and I get overlooked for Mr FancyPants MacTavish who’s standing three blocks away… it’s not fair. I know how to use C4, In fact, I’m probably more adept at it, but nope, I’ll just stand here shooting at thin air. Also, I think they give me blanks for a laugh because nothing goes down when I shoot at it.

So my question to you is, how do I get them to notice me? How can I not be one of the nameless soldiers who never gets to play with anything? For once, I want to be given the power to call in an airstrike at whim. If my untimely death occurs, I want a god damn cut-scene to convey the utter devastation of what has just happened. I’m sure that my death is so unimportant that I could have sworn I got shot in the head once and just got back up. I’m not 100%, though, it could just have been one of my other nameless comrade’s blanks. Please help. I feel like I’m at high school again.

Yours Sincerely,

Other Guy

I’m not in this one. They don’t even invite me for beers…



Dear Other Guy,

Right, I see the problem straight away. First off, you need a badass nickname. Something like Pvt. Doom or Corp. Crusader or the like… sorry, I didn’t get your class, but you can figure something like that out yourself. And then, you need to stand out even more by having a trademark style which people can identify you with. For example, Price has his cigar, Soap has his Mohawk, Ghost his mask… maybe you should invest in some of those cool crazy coloured contact lenses? Or tattoo your face?

Last but not least, don’t wait until someone else three blocks away treks all the way to the tank… you’re standing next to it, you have the C4. Blow it up! There’s a chance you may get an earful about not following orders, but then there may be a chance that you’ll get congratulated on using your initiative. Sometimes you have to take the gamble.

Good Luck, potential star of Modern Warfare 4!


  • Dom

    Hey Jo Jo, great article and I have to agree with what has been said, and has been a constant throughout every First Person Shooter game released over the past few years. Black Ops and Battlefield 3 tried to draw you into your characters struggle. As you play out the memories of that character leading up to present day events.

    And yet you don’t care for them much.

    I played Modern Warefare and a remember your character being killed twice? Once very early on and then later. Leaving you with the aforementioned veterans that always had the leading role within the unit anyway.

    The fight for your life and yanking the knife out of your chest to kill the bad guy at the end of Modern Ware 2. That kind of survival was reserved for those characters and always was.