Snag yourself a ton of Resident Evil 6 gear

Human beings still like free stuff right?  Okay, good.  Well thanks to Capcom UK  here’s your chance to grab some of this fabled free stuff, more specifically free stuff based around the 2012 action game with zombies Resident Evil 6.

You could snag all of this lovely gear:

Resident Evil 6 Collectors Edition, including Resident Evil 6 on PS3, a hoodie, art book, faction patches & DLC code.
DSO Wallet
Bullet USB Memory Stick
Resident Evil Damnation Movie DVD
Limited Edition Hardback Brady Games Guide, including more faction patches.
Series of four Resident Evil novels
U.S.S faction patch

I can hear you screaming impotently at the screen of whatever you’re reading this on right now. You’re demanding to know how to win this bountiful stack of prizes, and I’m here to tell you.  Just head over to Ready Up’s Facebook page and enter your name, and email address.

That’s not the end of our generosity, don’t think we’re done.

For all you lovely PS3 owners we’ve got a twitter competition going on that gives you ample opportunity to nab yourself a tidy wee copy of the Resident Evil 6 Collectors Edition (inc Hoodie).  This one’s even simpler to enter, leaving you no excuse to jump on the twitter comp train. Just run along over to twitter, follow the official Ready Up twitter account and retweet the competition tweet. While you’re at it give Capcom UK’s twitter account a follow too to say thanks!

UK only for this one. Sorry, everywhere else. We still love you.







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