Laura and Tony were due to be joined by Paul, but unfortunately the dog ate his headset (apparently totally true) so super-sub Producer John steps in again alongside very special guest Jenn Taylor from The GameJar!

As we sit in the lull after Christmas and before the next batch of solid titles appear, we’re more introspective on this podcast. We’re all slogging through our current titles and perhaps revisiting some older ones.

Current gaming

– Laura has been mostly playing StarCraft 2, StarCraft 2 and also a little bit of StarCraft 2 AGAIN!
– Jenn has been spelunking and getting stuck on rocks in The Cave
– John is (STILL) slogging through Assassin’s Creed 3. The naval side-quests are done and he got stuck under a bridge
– Tony is loving DmC: Devil May Cry (the DmC bit is important!) and also had some co-op fun with the Dead Space 3 demo


– Laura encourages us all to buy Jonathan Coulton’s cover of “Baby Got Back” and flicks the V’s at Glee for being mean!
– John reflects that some big names are falling by the wayside with THQ and Atari both in the news this week
– Jenn brings the sad news that Heavy Rain composer Normand Corbeil has died aged just 56. Our thoughts go out to his family and we reflect on how his work in Heavy Rain added to the whole experience. RIP, sir!

Initially confusing and the cause of some brilliant banter, we also ask this episode’s Big Question:

“If there was a console war, which side would you be on?”


There’s also consoles as melee weapons, why WiiU, cool jingles, avatar madness and Laura PROMISES to watch a video as well as other rubbish!

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