Personnel Files – Tony

Tony Chandler – Subeditor and Staff Writer.

Name: Tony Chandler

Age: 34

Current location: Hemel Hempstead

First gaming memory: My memories are mostly a confused mess, and I often can’t remember what happened yesterday. I do remember a really old game, though, called Radar Rat Race on Vic 20. For those of you too young to remember the Vic 20, it look exactly like a Commodore 64, but had even less memory. 5kb, instead of the later Commodore 64’s massive 64kb. The game was on a  cartridge which you had to slot into the back of the computer, and that added a giant 16kb of additional memory. It was a gloriously simple game where you had to race around a maze avoiding rats that tried to kill you. It was a bit like a very bad Pac-Man, now I think about it.

I never really got into collecting games merchandise. Although I collect games and never trade them in, I virtually never buy games merchandise. So that means that my GTA IV special edition safety deposit box and satchel bag pretty much win by default, even though they live in the bottom of a drawer and I never dig them out! They are cool, though, if somewhat useless.

Least favourite genre: This is a toss up between sports games and role-playing games, but I’m going to come down on the side of sports games, just because practically everything is part RPG these days, and I guess it is growing on me a little.

Favourite gaming snack: I don’t tend to eat much in front of the console, but my wife quite often breaks out bars of 70% cocoa dark chocolate and leaves them in front of me, so if I’m nibbling on anything it’ll be something like that.

Reaction to dying in game: This ties in with my “rage face” picture – I’m not generally an angry gamer, so I tend to do the “controller facepalm” as in the picture if I’m getting frustrated with a game. In general, if a game has me doing that too much I’ll just stop playing it – I’ve got far too many games to play to put up with crap that makes me angry in a game.

Favourite game character: Nathan Drake. I just spent ages thinking about that, and realised that although loads of games have good or interesting characters, Nathan Drake is pretty much the only really likeable one I could think of. I could just imagine going for a pint with him and hearing him shout “Oh crap!” as his bar stool collapses.

Most hated game character: Bit of a cheat, this one, but the answer is any dickwad character that you have to babysit for a mission, while they do bloody idiotic things like run in front of gun wielding enemies, or stuff live grenades down their pants. You know the sort.

Here’s my setup. Sharp 42″ TV, Onkyo surround sound receiver, PS3, 360 and Wii all present and correct. Based on conversations I’ve had online, I seem to be in a huge minority of gamers who actually play with surround sound speakers, rather than using a headset, but I love the wide surround effect I get. The rear speakers have saved my bacon from a sneaky knifing in Battlefield more than once!

Favourite game ever: I’m very much hoping that this will be out of date very soon, but I’m going to have to say GTA IV. I know a lot of people thought it was too po-faced, or didn’t like the way the cars drove, etc. but to me it was, and still is, such a perfect game. I played this for hundreds and hundreds of hours, both playing and replaying the campaign and a boatload of multiplayer with Ready Uppers. I even have it on both PS3 and Xbox 360. That said, I virtually never play it now, preferring Battlefield 3 for my online shenanigans, but when GTA V is out, Monday nights will once again be dedicated to non-stop GTA action.

Susan asks: Which video game vehicle would you most like to own and why?

Tony: I spent a bit of time thinking about this, and sadly all the vehicles I really would like to own from video games are just real life vehicles. I’d love to the have the M1 Abrams main battle tank from Battlefield, as I could literally park it anywhere. Or a Lamborghini from any manner of racing games. If it has to be a made up one, I’ll go for the Infernus super car from the GTA games: low, mean and super fast. Or the Euro Classic LM from Burnout Revenge, which is sort of like a Le Mans car.

Simes asks: What is your favourite piece of music from a game?

Tony: This is a tough one. I adore the Pixeljunk Eden soundtrack, which I bought from the PSN, it’s a cool chilled out bassy style of electronic music, I listen to it quite a lot on my iPhone. I also really like the Philip Glass classical piece of music that was on the very first trailer for GTA IV – even the awesome trailers for GTA V haven’t been as cool because they didn’t have that music.

Carly asks: If you could spend just one day in ANY gaming universe, where would it be and what would you do?

Tony: Most of the places I like being in game would be awful to actually visit: Liberty City, the battle zones in Battlefield, all pretty much a no go. I think I’d go and pay a visit to the first Assassin’s Creed game world, so it would still be a real place, but I could effectively go back in time and see how different things were back then.







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    Tony’s rage face, like many of his other faces, simply communicates dismay.

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    No mention of Trashman, or Jet Set Willy?

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