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And hello again my puzzle playing minions. It is I, Sarah-Lou, with another fun-filled guide to what’s hot and what’s not in the world of puzzle-tastic treats. These little beauties can be played on your iPhone/iPad, Android and PC.

One Touch Drawing – iOS & Android

Have you ever tried to draw a shape without taking the pencil off the paper and not going over the lines you’ve made? No? Well clearly you haven’t lived. But not to worry, One Touch Drawing will quickly solve that. The main object is to draw various shapes with the objective of completing it in just one go.  After you complete the first 100 levels, you then can unlock the different rules of One Touch Drawing, such as the line that must be passed twice, one directional lines and warp points.   If you’re looking for an ego boost that only drawing intricate things can give to you, then give this game a shot.

Garden Rescue – iOS & PC

I do try not to have a standout favourite game when I do these mini reviews but I have to gush about this one.  Garden Rescue is all about protecting your strawberries from greedy insects.  To help you on your strawberry protecting quest, you get to unlock several types of plants which you can upgrade. Using the plants and upgrading them does cost money, but you can earn it back by protecting the strawberries and collecting various gems left after beating an insect wave.  You can also get a proximity mine and a spring-board to place when your plants don’t do the job. There are a total of 30 levels to play, with seven of them you can play for free and also three difficulty levels to choose from. If you do get bitten by the Garden Rescue bug you’d pay £1.49 for the remaining levels.

Bar Flirt – iOS & Android

The idea of this game did tickle me. Basically your objective is to get the hot chick by making your opposition look like idiots. In the bar setting you have to tap objects in a certain order to create a sequence which I assume makes the chick move away from the other men OR make the men go away. The reason why I assume this is because I never got to figure the bugger out. I ended up furiously tapping on my iPhone in the bid that something would happen, besides my score increasing for no real reason or me turning the bar TV on and off. I did hope this could be my random game to play but it never came to be.

Brandomania – iPhone + Android

How many logos do you think you can recognise? Five, ten, twenty? Why not test your logo knowledge with Brandomania. You get to play through seven free levels, which you can unlock with coins you collect as you progress. The coins can also be used to buy hints and bombs which delete all the red herring letters you don’t need.  Once you’ve worked your way through the beginning levels, there are also three pro levels you can tackle. These specialise in car, luxury and tech logos which are playable after purchasing the game.

And there you have it. My nifty review of the exciting, and always challenging, puzzles games waiting for you to download today. Have you got a puzzle game you’d like me to review? Leave a comment and it could be in my next Stumped blog. Until next time, keep on puzzlin’!







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